In screw machining, precision turning and machining processes are often required for the construction of specialty screws and fasteners used in crucial applications such as precision medical tools, automotive tools, laboratory tools, electronics components, appliance components, military parts and many others.

CNC turning and CNC Swiss machining are accomplished by CNC screw machines or CNC lathes and they produce quality CNC turned parts, which can also be described as precision turned parts. CNC machining and turning equipment may machine up to six parts simultaneously, and screw machining is considered one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods of small rotary part manufacturing. Different kinds of screw machines are capable of different processes, including knurling, thread rolling and many other processes. Once a screw machine tooling process has produced screw machining equipment, the possibilities for that equipment are extensive.

Long and Short Runs

From prototype to production, we will cater to your needs for long and short runs alike.

Custom Sizes

Custom and standard configurations, with diameters from 1/2” to 2-5/8”

Screw Machines

Hex head screws, heavy hex head, slotted flat head, square head, socket head and 12-point screws

CNC Turning

State-of-the-art Swiss type turning centers will efficiently and accurately machine longer, small diameter parts in addition to small, complex parts. Multi-Axis live tooling is available for machining secondary operations such as tapped holes, slots and grooves. Chucker and collet type turning centers allow versatility in machining various sizes and design components.

CNC Milling

Multiple machining operations may be performed in the same setup with a variety of tools on these sophisticated CNC milling centers. Milling, drilling, tapping, and threading with precise dimensions and tolerances are achievable on the most complex components.

Thread Configurations

Threading from 1/8" to 1-1/2". Our capabilities include all UN thread forms, metric, class 5 interference, acme, Witworth and left hand threading configurations.

Tight Tolerances

Tight tolerances, to .0002", depending upon the material and production method

Centerless Grinding

Whether you need a clean-up grind or you need us to hold tight tolerances, we can meet your machining specifications at a competitive price.

Value Added Services

Anodizing, brazing, plating, burnishing, passivation, grinding, deburring, knurling, heat treatment, stampings, bending, fabrication and light mechanical assembly

Materials Used

Alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastics, monel and titanium

Screw machining is one of the primary services we provide. We continually use aggressive tooling and machining practices to ensure that our standard of quality remains at a high level. We're committed to maintaining the high standard we've employed for 70 plus years. At Empire Screw, we feel that our growth is a result of our dedication to quality and customer service. We are fortunate to have a very talented group of employees, who make this a reality. Our employees, collectively, have hundreds of years experience in the industry. Our customer base is very diverse, with applications ranging from automotive to welding, heating and cooling, heavy equipment, appliance, office furniture, material handling, military, and hydraulic.